What began as an event to remember and honor those lost on 9/11, as well as fallen first responders and military service members in 2016, has now become a non-profit focused on providing financial assistance to the next generation of those who safeguard our local communities and country.

Supporting our Future

The 9.11 Promise Run provides scholarships to qualified children of first responders and military service members who have been killed or injured and are unable to hold employment.

Starting in 2019, participants of the 9.11 Promise events fundraised for scholarships that positively impact the lives of children and families impacted by the loss of their loved one.

Scholarship amounts range from a minimum award of $5,000 to a max award of $15,000.

Applications from qualified individuals will be accepted beginning November 1 each year and will be awarded in the following spring.

Applications must be submitted no later than midnight March 15th.

Scholarship decisions will be announced no later than May 1st.

“It is nice to know that there are other kids who have experienced similar things that I have. It is also comforting to know that so much of my school costs will be covered.”

Emma Yarton
2022 Recipient 

Scholarship Questions


What can the scholarship be used for?
  • The monies may be used for trade school, undergraduate or graduate level students for either in-state or out-of-state tuition.
What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Children of a fallen first responder or military service member, OR children of a first responder or military service member certified as not being able to work. Children must currently be under the age of 25.
  • High school diploma or equivalency, or in the final year of high school.
  • Currently enrolled at or accepted to pursue trade, undergraduate or graduate studies at an accredited trade school, college or university.
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for applicant (high school or undergraduate to date)
What are the selection criteria?
  • Past academic and leadership success and future potential
  • Two letters of recommendation (from non-family members).  One letter should be from an educator, employer, or member of the community familiar with you and your goals, and the other letter from a person of your choosing.
  • Two essays:
    • Essay #1: What have you learned from being a child of a first responder or military service member?
    • Essay #2: Why are you applying for this scholarship and how will the scholarship help you?
  • Proof of dependency
  • Certificate of death or proof of Individual Unemployment from the Veterans Administration and equivalent for a first responder.
  • Proof of parent’s first responder and/or military service
What are the terms of the award?
  • All scholarships are paid directly to an officially accredited college or university on behalf of the scholarship recipient.
  • Scholarships may be used for tuition, room & board, required books & equipment, and related academic expenses.
  • Scholarships are for one academic year. Applicants may reapply for assistance for up to six separate years; however, the receipt of a scholarship does not guarantee future awards.
  • If the recipient withdraws from the accredited college or university voluntarily, any unused funds will be returned to the 9.11 Promise Run, Inc. In no case may a recipient personally receive funds from the scholarship award.
  • If the recipient is asked to leave the accredited college or university prior to the completion of the academic year, any unused funds will be returned to the 9.11 Promise Run, Inc.
  • If the recipient changes schools during an period funded by an 9/11 Promise Run scholarship, prior approval by the 9.11 Promise Run, Inc. is required to continue the scholarship.