Stacy Clardy, a native South Carolinian, is a retired U. S. Marine Corps lieutenant general interested in using his experience, knowledge, and skills to help others. Whether in service within the public or private sectors, he is poised to assist a wide range of organizations in overcoming challenges, taking advantage of opportunities, reaching goals, and achieving excellence. He is an infantry officer with over 38 years of service and command at every level. As a result, Stacy is an expert in focusing on and harnessing the power of people in diverse organizations, building high-performance teams and partnerships, developing innovative strategies, creating cultures of innovation, improving decision-making processes, and exceeding expectations.

In support of national security objectives, Stacy successfully led countless organizations in the throes of change, the midst of the most competitive environments, or both. He supported the U.S. and our allies during multiple tours in the Pentagon, Western Pacific, Middle East, and the Mediterranean. He commanded the largest U.S. Marine Corps force in defense of our overseas allies and U.S. interests in his final military assignment. The most senior Department of Defense military and civilian officials sought his advice on issues as broad as strategic weapons acquisition to sexual assault prevention. He consistently sought and attained appropriate academic and professional credentials throughout his career and often returned to instruct and lead at many foundational U.S. Marine Corps educational and training institutions. Stacy received multiple senior personal and organizational awards for leading the way in peace and war.

Stacy believes in clearly stating goals, creating positive paths and plans for success, and empowering those responsible with appropriate direction, support, and resources. Most importantly, he values the power of people. He is passionate about personnel and leadership development, training and education, and mentoring. Stacy strives to broaden his theoretical and applicable knowledge in many professional and personal endeavors and is at his best when breaking new ground or old norms and energizing teams to collaborate and innovate.

Stacy is now back home in South Carolina and exploring options for the next chapter of his life.

Stacy is an Operational Advisor to Graham Partners, Senior Fellow with the Center of Naval Analyses, and Board Member for non-profit The 9/11 Promise.