The 9/11 Promise is a journey of remembrance and honor while also providing an opportunity to help the children of those who have sacrificed for our communities and country. The journey begins at the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial and individuals will have a choice to run to Ground Zero or to bike to Shanksville, PA.


Meeting for all athletes and supporters to prepare for the bike and run events.


Runners will cover approximately 90 miles and finish the day in Elkton, MD. Cyclists will cover 91 miles and finish the day in Emmitsburg, MD.


Runners will cover approximately 80 miles and finish the day in Trenton, NJ. Cyclists will cover 107 miles and finish the day in Bedford, PA.


Runners will cover about 80 miles and finish at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Cyclists will attend the Sept. 11th Observance Ceremony at the United 93 Memorial in Stoystown, PA.

The 9/11 Promise began simply as an event to remember and honor lives lost, first responders and military. Over time, the founder wanted to have a greater impact, one that would not only honor first responders and military, but to provide financial assistance to the next generation of those who safeguard our local communities and country.

In 2018, the 9/11 Promise established 501c3 status (EIN: 82-4072961). As a non-profit, our mission is to provide scholarships to the children of first responders and military who have either died or become injured (to include PTSD) and are not able to return to work. In 2019, we will begin raising those funds! Our first scholarships will be awarded in the school year 2020/21.


The 9/11 Promise Run, established in 2016, is an event that is being held to keep a promise that was made in 2001 when our country, the United States of America, was attacked. Many lives were lost and we continue to deal with the aftermath. This event honors the lives lost, the emergency personnel who responded with the greatest of courage, and our military who continue to fight for this country's safety and freedom, here and abroad.